Brain Injury Prevention, Support for Survivors and Families
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HeadsUp! is a programme of the
ComaCARE Trust

Tel: +27 (0)860 110 111
(ComaCARE & HeadsUP!)


Simelela Centre Site B Day Hospital
Khayelitsha Hub

Tel: +27 (0)81 725 4547

We offer workshops for boys and
men, training for coaches, teachers
and learners, and injury
management and support for
survivors and families.

Help Brain Injury Survivors Get Back in the Game

Brain injury survivors are mainly young people working very hard to make a comeback.

Join their courageous journey...

At HeadsUP! South we:

  • Support brain injury prevention
  • Counsel survivors and families
  • Train care givers
  • Educate the public about brain injury

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Recovery from Brain Injury


In Khayelitsha, The HeadsUP! HUB supports survivors of brain injury and their families.

Recognising that there are no day care facilities for patients with brain trauma or enough rehabilitation places, we work with family members to teach them how to support their injured sons at home for maximum recovery.

In addition, we offer bi-monthly family and survivor support groups.

If you have a family member who has had a brain injury, contact us and we will support their recovery and your journey.

Join a dynamic, positive team!