Brain Injury Prevention, Support for Survivors and Families
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HeadsUp! is a programme of the
ComaCARE Trust

Tel: +27 (0)860 110 111
(ComaCARE & HeadsUP!)


Simelela Centre Site B Day Hospital
Khayelitsha Hub

Tel: +27 (0)81 725 4547

We offer workshops for boys and
men, training for coaches, teachers
and learners, and injury
management and support for
survivors and families.

Brain Injury Document Downloads

Concussion Fact Sheets & Documents

Concussion Signs & Symptoms Checklist - Form (pdf)

Concussion in Youth Sports - Fact Sheets for Coaches (pdf)

Concussion Fact Sheet for Teachers, Counsellors & School Professionals (pdf)

Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Fact Sheet (pdf)

Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents (pdf)

Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion - School Poster (Large) (pdf)

Signs & Symptoms of a Concussion - School Poster (Small) (pdf)

Returning to School after a Concussion - Fact Sheet for School Professionals (pdf)