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Solar Panel Cleaning Karcher HD 5/15 & Wash Brush

Solar Panel Cleaning Karcher HD 5/15 & Wash Brush

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The Solar Panel Cleaning Karcher HD 5/15 & Wash Brush is a Professional package that includes a HD 5/15  pressure washer, 10 metre telescopic lance, rotating wash brush and additional 10 metre high pressure hose with hose coupling for extended working range. This package is suitable for business / industrial use.


Solar Panel Cleaning Karcher HD 5/15 & Wash Brush – includes the compact, lightweight and versatile HD 5/15 C cold water high-pressure cleaner, which  offers outstanding mobility and is suitable for both vertical and horizontal operation. The machine is fitted with sophisticated accessory storage, and the brass cylinder head and automatic pressure relief ensure a long service life. At the same time, it impresses with innovative new developments that increase working convenience for the operator in the long term by ensuring effortless operation and time-saving set-up and dismantling. The EASY!Force high-pressure gun makes use of the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force to zero, while the EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners make handling five times faster than with conventional screw connections, without compromising when it comes to robustness and longevity. Overall, a comprehensive equipment package for excellent cleaning results, with a high level of convenience and a long service life.

Save time and energy: EASY!Force high-pressure gun and EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners
Fatigue-free work at last: the EASY!Force high pressure gun. EASY!Lock quick-release couplings: durable and robust. And five times faster than screws.

Integrated carrying handle on the front of the machine enables easy loading and convenient transport. Push handle can be retracted at the push of a button. Compact construction style.

Vertical and horizontal operation possible. The wheels are not on during horizontal operation. As such, the machine offers maximum stability. Separate park and transport position for the spray unit.

The automatic pressure relief protects the components and extends the service life of the machine.
High-quality brass cylinder head.
Large, easy-to-reach water fine filter for protecting the pump against dirt particles in the water.

Accessory storage
Screw connection (M 18 × 1.5) for storing a Surface Cleaner directly on the machine.
Practical nozzle compartments for triple nozzle and rotary nozzle.
Rubber strap for fixing the pressure hose.

Up to 10 m reach: hybrid telescopic lance TL 10 H. Comprising carbon-glass fibre mix and suitable for multifunctional use. Simple retraction and extension thanks to quick-release fasteners.


Multifunctional hybrid telescopic lance TL 10 H with unique anti-twist device for even safer and more ergonomic working. The length can be extended up to 10 metres, thus making possible effortless cleaning with osmosis water on windows, facades or solar panels. It is suitable for low-pressure cleaning with wash brushes and for high-pressure cleaning tasks with corresponding adapters. Even vacuuming applications are possible. Made from a special carbon-glass fibre mix, the TL 10 H is very rigid and light. In conjunction with the rotatable base, where a carrying strap can also be attached, the quick-release fasteners for simple retraction and extension of the lance, as well as the tool-free and individually adjustable clamping force, it offers the user maximum working comfort.

Multifunctional use
For window, facade and solar panel cleaning with osmosis water. For high-pressure cleaning or low-pressure cleaning with wash brushes.

Maximum ergonomics
Anti-spin lock of the lances for safe and ergonomic working. Quick-release fasteners for fast and simple loosening of the lance clamping. Rotatable base ensures simple and ergonomic working.

Very user-friendly
Tool-free adjustment of the clamping force at the quick-release fasteners. With clamping hooks to guide water hose outside the lance. Base with hooks for attaching strap and carrying frame.

Maximum safety
Haptic and visual pull-out stopper avoids unintentional disassembly.
Non-electroconductive base-lance element.


Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 230 / 50
Flow rate (l/h) 500
Inlet temperature (°C) 60
Working pressure (bar/MPa) 150 / 15
Max. pressure (bar/MPa) 200 / 20
Connected load (kW) 2.8
Power cable (m) 5
Nozzle size (mm) 32
Water inlet 3/4″
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 25.7
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 28.2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 380 x 360 x 930

Equipment on the Solar Panel Cleaning Karcher HD 5/15 & Wash Brush

  • Spray gun: EASY!Force
  • High-pressure hose: 10 m, DN 6, 200 bar (2 pieces)
  • Spray lance: 840 mm
  • Triple nozzle (0°/ 25°/40°): manual
  • Cleaning agent function: Suction
  • Pressure switch-off
  • TL 10 H telescopic pole (hybrid)
  • iSolar 11.5 m hose
  • Vario joint
  • Rotating wash brush
  • HP hose coupling
  • Low pressure adapter


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